Kindle Venture’s – EIR Programme


Pioneering expedition for extraordinary individuals to build together world class start-ups. Kindle EIR programme is excited to invite and assist brilliant technical minds through the cohort. This program is designed for strong technical people with deep insights to thrive and foster in Indian and US Market. It is intended to build & promote world class Tech start-ups from India.

We would like to bring our decades of experience in Investment management, financial services and technology industries in the United States & India and ensure it’s use in laying the foundation of world class enterprises. EIR cohort intends to create assimilation of techno geeks as part of the founding teams of various start-ups. Kindle's careful orchestration of talent, hard work and experience will chisel the best technical co-founders thus laying the foundation for impactful enterprises.

Our Offerings

Who should apply?

The EIR programme is aimed at people who have a strong technical background, are enterprising and willing to put in long dedicated hours for building software products or solutions. Those willing to work full time to fulfil their entrepreneurial dream and knows the deepest nuances of technical prowess, are the ones we seek.

What is not mandatory to apply?

We intend to bust the myth of only brilliant minds making it big as entrepreneurs. This preconceived notion makes it difficult for most to embark on their entrepreneurial journey.
It is not necessary to have it all
Entrepreneurship is a journey of self discovery and development. We want to inculcate the zeal of entrepreneurship in the minds of super enthusiastic individuals who have exceptional technical prowess and are ready to devote themselves for their vision.